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We have 11 years of production experience in the production of various types of membrane switches, FPC membrane keys, and PCB keyboards. We also provide supporting agents for LCD and touch screens to provide customers with one-stop shopping convenience.

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1) Flat non-touch type:

Long service life, but no touch feeling;

2) Film convex touch type:

Have a good touch, but the service life is relatively short;

3) Convex frame type non-touch type:

Beautiful appearance, strong three-dimensional feeling, but no tactile feeling;

4) Convex frame touch type:

Beautiful appearance, strong three-dimensional feeling, and tactile;

5) Convex touch type:

Type (a): Improper design may cause two-stage phenomenon, but the panel is damaged and the electrical performance also exists;

(b) Type: There is no two-stage phenomenon, and there are few structural layers, which is more economical. If the panel is damaged, the electrical performance will not exist;

6) Metal shrapnel type:

Type (a): It is the most basic and most commonly used structure. The shrapnel not only plays the role of tactile feeling but also plays the role of wiring;

Type (b): The structure is complicated, and it is used in the occasions where there are more and dense shrapnel and no jumpers are required. The shrapnel is placed on the upper circuit, and the conductive surfaces of the upper and lower circuits are upward, and the upper circuit needs to be punched. When this structure is turned on, the four feet of the shrapnel are not on the same plane as the center point, and there are “two stages”. At the same time, the shrapnel is often in a strong state of excessive anti-concave. After a long time, the shrapnel will not rebound and it is not recommended;

(c) Type: The shrapnel is placed on the upper circuit and only has a tactile effect. The conductive surface of the upper circuit is downward, and the conductive surface of the lower circuit is upward. There are “two sections”, and it is not recommended;

(d) Type: The shrapnel is placed on the lower line, and both the upper and lower lines are routed. The shrapnel not only plays the role of touch but also connects the upper and lower lines; it is used for more shrapnel, denser and no jumps. In the case of wire, the structure is simpler than that of type (b). When designing, pay attention to the line routing to avoid the four legs of the shrapnel to ensure that there is no short circuit.

7) Luminous body shape: the bottom plastic mold must be opened;

(a) The LED circuit is on the same layer as the lower circuit: the structure is simple, but the LED window should be convex, otherwise, the LED lamp will lift the panel; it is suitable to choose the low-height small LED lamp or the occasion where the number of LED lamps is small;

(b) The LED circuit and the lower circuit are on different layers: the structure is complex, but the LED window does not have to be convex, it is suitable to choose two-color LED lights or the occasions with a large number of LED lights; punching molds and bottom plastic molds are required;

8) Half-fold type:

This type can avoid jumper wires and can make the conductive surface downward without filling holes. The disadvantage of this structure is that the circuit is easy to be broken at the half-fold.

9) Waterproof type of inner and outer frame:

The outer frame is a closed frame without wires, which protects the inner frame and prevents moisture from entering the case from the outlet groove.

Post time: Oct-26-2021