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EL Advertisement EL Mask EL Cap EL Shirt EL Ties EL Backlight EL Tape EL WIRE

EL Advertisement EL Mask EL Cap EL Shirt EL Ties EL Backlight EL Tape EL WIRE

Short Description:

Electroluminescence (Electr. Luminescence), referred to as EL, is a phenomenon that directly converts electrical energy into light energy, that is, an alternating electric field is generated by an alternating voltage applied to the two poles, and the electrons excited by the electric field bombard the fluorescent substance, causing the electron energy level A physical phenomenon that emits high-efficiency cold light by jumping, changing, and recombining, that is, electroluminescence.

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The electroluminescent panel works on the above principle. Electroluminescent panel is a light-emitting device, referred to as EL lamp, EL sheet or EL light sheet, which consists of a back electrode layer, an insulating layer, a light-emitting layer, a transparent electrode layer and a surface protective film. The special J Sui of light, converts electrical energy into light energy. The interior of the EL lamp is sealed with fluorescent substances of various colors (mainly green, but also white, blue, etc.), which will stimulate the reaction and start lighting when a strong AC current is applied.

The EL lamp has high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, vibration resistance, and no maintenance. It is a cold light source, and the color is very uniform. Compared with the non-uniformity of ordinary LED backlight, the most obvious advantage of EL lamp is that its light can be more evenly distributed over the whole screen. In addition, EL lamps are also more power efficient. The disadvantage of EL lamps is that the brightness is low, the life is short (generally 3000-5000h), and slight noise is prone to occur when the EL lamps are lit.

The EL lamp backlight needs to be driven by alternating current (AC 80-110V), which is obtained by converting 5V, 12V or 24V DC voltage through a transformer. At present, EL lamps are mainly used for small-sized liquid crystal displays below 4in, such as mobile phones, PDAs, game consoles, etc.

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EL cold plate

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EL cold plate.

The electrically excited (Electro Luminescent) (EL,EL) cold plate is a kind of physical phenomenon, namely, electric field luminescence, which is excited by the electric field excited by the AC voltage applied to the electrodes at both ends.

Combined with a variety of materials to produce different colors of the light source it has low power consumption, soft light, no ultraviolet, color diversity, long life, no heat and other characteristics, so commonly known as cold light source is different from the traditional point or line luminescence mechanism.

But a uniform overall surface luminous body, but also a vision will not cause glare, no harm and full of elasticity can be cut into any complex shape light source.

Brief introduction

Cold light sheet (EL (Electro Luminescent), light as paper, easy to install, easy to disassemble and assemble, high reusability, low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection, plus unique novel, fashionable, dynamic effect.

Therefore, in the indoor and outdoor advertising applications will be very good results.

El cold light sheet is a kind of phenomenon from electric energy to light energy, because it does not produce heat in the process of working, so it is commonly known as cold light.

At present, the industry calls the el cold light as backlight, luminous film, luminous products, and so on.

Technical parameters

Working parameters:

1. Initial brightness: ≥ 30 CD, maximum brightness after pressurization is 750CD.

2. Voltage range: AC50V-220V.

3. Frequency range: 200HZ-1500HZ.

4. Power: ≤ 0.8MW/CM.

5. Current: ≤ 0.15MA/CM.

6. Thickness: ≤ 0.5MM.

Drive parameter:

1. Input voltage range: 50V-220V.

2. Output voltage range: 80V-180V.

3. Frequency: 400HZ-1000HZ.

4. Output power: 1-1200W.

Application scope

Backlit electronics industry:

Computer and computer spare parts, mobile phones and accessories, household appliances, LCD projectors, etc., the application of EL cold film in its products, so that its products are novel, lightweight, fashionable, beautiful, energy saving, environmental protection;

Thus increasing the added value and creating profits.

Heavy industry:

Automobile and auto parts, aircraft accessories, military and aerospace and other related industries, the above industries will be directly applied to its EL products, improve product quality more beautiful.

Architecture, upholstery:

Can be used in restaurants, hotels, KTV, bars, nightclubs, club interior lighting, stage edge, ceiling edge, as well as bar, decorating furniture, house decoration, DIY personal space with different colors of EL cold light film;

The company name, departments, conference rooms, lounge signs, and so on, so as to achieve dazzling, trendy, stylish effect.

Handicrafts, commodities:

EL can be used in clothing, pants, shoes, hats, bags, glasses, watches and other related products, as well as birthdays, weddings, festivals, anniversaries, celebrations and other greeting cards, gifts items.

So as to win the appreciation of friends and others around.

Public facilities:

Can use EL cold light film to make commercial advertisement, horse race light advertisement, slim lamp box, promotion background, sports events, games, theme events, Party, various signs and backlighting of the speech scene;

There are bus stop signs, fire signs, road signs, and so on, which reflects the products of the novel, ultra-thin and modern society technology and energy-saving, carbon-saving.

Working principle:

The el cold plate is a device for converting electrical energy into light energy. The working principle is that the particles of zinc sulfide of the material (Phospher Partides) are trapped between two.

The AC electric field is driven by the AC voltage of the pole. The electrons move at high speed in the luminous layer, which activates the luminous atoms and accelerates them to obtain sufficient energy. The electrons excited by the electric field collide with the luminous center and the fluorescent material.

A physical phenomenon, that is, electrically excited light, that causes the jump-change-recombination of electron energy poles and the emission of high-efficiency cold light.

The general operating voltage is adjusted within the AC40V~AC220V, and the operating frequency can be from 50 Hz to 4000 Hz. Increasing the voltage or frequency will increase the brightness of the el cold light sheet, but the color of the cold light source will feel blue.

Shelf life.

The cold light sheet of el does not have the phenomenon of sudden death like the general traditional light source. After a long period of use, the brightness of the cold light will gradually decrease. Voltage, frequency, temperature and humidity are the important factors that affect the life of the cold light.

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