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LCM (LCDModule) Manufacturer/Manufacturers

LCM (LCDModule) Manufacturer/Manufacturers

Short Description:

The lcd module is LCM (LCDModule) or LCD display module. It refers to an LCD display product that integrates glass and LCD drivers. It provides users with a standard LCD display drive interface (with 4 bits, 8 bits, VGA and other different types ), the user operates in accordance with the interface requirements to control the LCD to display correctly.

Chinese name: lcd module

Foreign name: LCD Module

Affiliation: Industrial Technology

Product: Electronics

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lcd module

Technical characteristics

Compared with LCM, glass is a more highly integrated LCD product. For small-size LCD displays, LCM can be easily connected to various microcontrollers (such as single-chip microcomputers); however, for large-size or color LCD displays, generally It will occupy a considerable part of the resources of the control system or it is impossible to achieve control at all. For example, a 320×240 256-color color LCM is displayed at 20 fields/sec (that is, full screen refresh display 20 times in 1 second), and only data transmitted in one second The amount is as high as: 320×240×8×20=11.71875Mb or 1.465MB. If the standard MCS51 series single-chip microcomputer is used for processing, it is assumed that the MOVX instruction is used repeatedly to transmit these data continuously. Considering the address calculation time, at least a 421.875MHz clock is required to complete the process. The transmission of data shows that the amount of processed data is huge.



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