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Seat pressure sensor

Seat pressure sensor

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The car seat sensor is a thin-film contact sensor. The contact points of the sensor are evenly distributed on the force-bearing surface of the seat, and a trigger signal is generated when the seat is subjected to external pressure.car seat pressure sensor, membrane sensor, seat belt alarm sensor, seat sensor, piezoelectric sensor, sensitive child seat pressure sensor, film pressure sensor, flexible film pressure sensor, seat pressure sensing sensor, FSR type pressure sensor, automotive Seat membrane pressure sensor, SUV seat sensor, pickup car seat pressure sensor. Ultra-thin pressure sensor, carpet pressure sensor, sofa pressure sensor. Intelligent mattress pressure sensor, robot finger pressure sensor, resistive film pressure sensor, mattress multi-dot matrix pressure sensor, new energy vehicle pressure sensor

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Seat pressure sensor

Used in seat occupant perception systems, such as seat belt alarm sensors, automatic taxi fares, airbag sensing and driver departure, for example, with this device, it can sense whether there is a person in the seat, and if there is no one, the airbag will be used. Won't open. When the driver leaves the seat, it will automatically return to neutral. It can design the shape of the sensor and the sensitivity of the contact according to the shape, hardness and tightness of the car seat.


Detect whether there is a person in the seat, and this signal is sent to the seat belt alarm device. In theory, this detection signal can also be used as a front passenger airbag switch

Product related terms: baby seat gravity sensor, mattress pressure sensor, seat belt gravity sensor, car seat gravity sensor. Wheelchair gravity sensor, safety pressure sensor, sofa gravity sensor.

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