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FPC membrane switch

FPC membrane switch

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FPC membrane switch

FPC membrane switch means that the graphics and circuits of the switch are made on a common printed flexible copper clad laminate.

FPC membrane switches are characterized by convenient materials, stable process, low resistance, and some components in the circuit can be directly welded on the back of the FPC membrane switch. FPC membrane switches generally use metal guides as the conduction labyrinth contacts, so they have a better feel.

Advantages: The minimum wire distance can be 0.5MM, the resistance value is extremely low, and small components such as LEDs, resistors, and optical fibers can be welded. The performance is reliable and the life is long. The failure rate is 99.8%. It is a non-ordinary silver paste-based flexible membrane switch. Can go hand in hand.

Disadvantages: The FPC cost is relatively high, and the pricing is based on the longest and widest area. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the length and irregular shape of the lead as much as possible in the design to avoid unnecessary waste and increase unnecessary costs.

Recommendation: Users who need to assemble LEDs, resistors, optical fibers and ultra-precision components should choose FPC membrane switches.

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Related Parameters

Membrane switch parametersameters
Electronic properties Working voltage:≤50V(DC) Working current:≤100mA
Contact resistance:0.5~10Ω Insulation resistance:≥100MΩ(100V/DC)
Substrate pressure resistance:2kV(DC) Rebound time:≤6ms
Loop resistance: 50 Ω, 150 Ω, 350 Ω, or determined according to the user's needs. Insulation ink withstand voltage:100V/DC
mechanical propertiesti Reliability service life:>One million times Closure displacement: 0.1 ~ 0.4mm (tactile type) 0.4 ~ 1.0mm (tactile type)
Working force: 15 ~ 750g Migration of conductive silver paste: at 55 ℃, temperature 90%, after 56 hours, it is 10m Ω / 50VDC between two wires
There is no oxidation and impurity on the silver paste line The line width of silver paste is greater than or equal to 0.3mm, the minimum interval is 0.3mm, the rough edge of line is less than 1 / 3, and the line gap is less than 1 / 4
Pin spacing standard 2.54 2.50 1.27 1.25mm The bending resistance of outgoing line is 80 times with d = 10 mm steel rod.
Environmental parametersme Operating temperature:-20℃~+70℃ Storage temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃, 95% ± 5%
Atmospheric pressure:86~106KPa
Printing index index The printing size deviation is ± 0.10 mm, the outline side line is not clear, and the weaving error is ± 0.1 mm The chromatic deviation is ± 0.11mm/100mm, and the silver paste line is completely covered by the insulating ink
No ink scattered, no incomplete handwriting The color difference is not more than two levels
There shall be no crease or paint peeling The transparent window shall be transparent and clean, with uniform color, without scratches, pinholes and impurities.

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