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PET Heater Film(Flexible PCB)

PET Heater Film(Flexible PCB)

Short Description:

The PET electric heating film is made of PET film as the outer insulator, and nickel-chromium alloy etching heating sheet as the inner conductive heating body, which is formed by hot pressing and heat bonding. PET electric heating film has excellent insulation strength, excellent heat conduction efficiency, and excellent resistance stability, so it is widely used in the field of electric heating.

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◆Thin thickness: The thickness is only 0.3mm, the surface is flat, the space is small, and the bending radius is about 10mm.

◆Various varieties: various small-area resistive circuit elements can be made.

◆Even heating: the circuit layout of the etching process is uniform, the thermal inertia is small, and it is in close contact with the heated body

◆Easy to install: with double-sided tape, it can be directly pasted on the surface of the heated body.

◆Long safety life: Designed within 100°C operating temperature, low power load and long service life compared with other heating wire heaters.

◆Low price: The laminating process is simpler than that of PI electric heating film. It is an ideal product if the temperature requirement is not high.

Performance parameters

◆Insulation and thermal conductivity layer: PET film

◆Heating core: nickel-chromium alloy etching heating piece

◆Thickness: about 0.3mm

◆Compressive strength: 1000v/5s

◆Working temperature: -30-120℃

◆External voltage: customer demand

◆Power: designed according to the product use environment

◆Power deviation: <±8%

◆Lead tensile strength: >5N

◆Adhesive strength of adhesive: >40N/100mm

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