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PI Heater Film(Thin film PCB)

PI Heater Film(Thin film PCB)

Short Description:

PI electric heating film

Polyimide film PI electric heating film is made of polyimide film as the outer insulator and nickel-chromium alloy etching heating sheet as the inner conductive heating body, which is formed by high temperature and high pressure heat bonding. The polyimide electric heating film has excellent insulation strength, excellent electrical strength, excellent heat conduction efficiency, and excellent resistance stability, so it is widely used in the field of electric heating.

Product Detail

Product Tags


◆Good softness, flexibility, fast preheating speed and long service life.

◆Ultra-thin: the thickness is only 0.3mm, the surface is flat, the space is small, and the bending radius is about 5mm.

◆Various varieties: various small-area resistive circuit elements can be made.

◆Uniform heating: the circuit layout of the etching process is uniform, the thermal inertia is small, it is in close contact with the heated body, and the heating speed is fast.

◆Easy to install: with double-sided tape, it can be directly pasted on the surface of the heated body.

◆Long life: flat design, low power load compared to other heating wire heaters, and long service life. Good insulation.

◆ High temperature and high pressure test: It can be used for a long time at 200℃. And passed the 1500V high voltage test.

Procuct Show

Performance parameters

◆Insulation and thermal conductivity layer: polyimide film

◆Heating core: nickel-chromium alloy etching heating piece

◆Thickness: about 0.3mm

◆Compressive strength: 1500v/5s

◆Working temperature: -60-200℃

◆External voltage: customer demand

◆Power: designed according to the product use environment

◆Power deviation: <±8%

◆Lead tensile strength: >5N

◆Adhesive strength of adhesive: >40N/100mm

Application range

1. Scientific analysis instruments, such as: provide a constant temperature source for the thermal conductivity (or thermal insulation coefficient) tester, medical instruments, etc., to stabilize the operating temperature of the optoelectronic components.

2. In a deep cold environment, make the instrument and equipment reach a safe working temperature. For example: instruments and facilities such as artificial satellites, space vehicles and airplanes, as well as instruments used in high latitude areas, and instruments to prevent low temperature, such as card readers, liquid crystal displays, LCDs and other instruments.

3. Vacuum heating and baking field.

4. Heating of automobile oil pan, rear-view mirror defrosting sheet, snow removal and defrosting heating element of antenna or radar.

5. Medical care and beauty equipment industry.

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