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PET film switch can bring you different switching experience

PET membrane switch can bring you a different switching experience

The panel materials of membrane switches mainly include PET materials, PC materials and PVC materials, but PVC materials are basically not used because they have poor adaptability and are not environmentally friendly.

Compared with PC materials, PET materials have greater hardness. Therefore, membrane switches with high frequency of use and large stress on the button parts need to use PET as the panel material. For example, a washing machine is a kind of household appliance that is used frequently in our daily life. Then the panel material of the washing machine switch is very important. If the panel is made of PC material, it will be damaged after repeated use. For consumers, they will wonder if buying such a washing machine is the right choice. When consumers question this washing machine, the reputation of this washing machine will also decline. Therefore, the wrong choice of panel material will affect the life of the entire electronic product, and consumers prefer long-lived electronic products because it will make them feel that they are worth buying.

If electronic products want to have a long life, don’t panic when choosing panel materials, let PET materials help. PET material has the characteristics of high transparency, high elasticity, anti-folding, and high hardness. Therefore, for household appliances such as washing machines that are frequently used, using PET as the panel material is the right choice. In this way, the service life of the switch of the washing machine is prolonged. As long as there is no problem with the internal structure of the washing machine, the life of the entire washing machine product will be longer, which will naturally attract more consumers.

PET material can be used not only for printed panels, but also for printed circuits. It is an ideal material for making circuits. It has good insulation, heat resistance and high ink adhesion. It can be seen that the function of PET material is quite large, and the PET membrane switch is also leveraged.

Post time: Jul-13-2021