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Xinhui Technology Introduces The Pasting Steps Of Membrane Switch

Modern electronic products need to use membrane switches more and more widely, and there are also many customers who need professional customized membrane switches. The customized membrane switch part has hand feeling requirements, and the button part is equipped with metal shrapnel. The metal shrapnel membrane switch should be disposable. The characteristics of pasting and not being able to be reversed or pressed.

Membrane switch is generally a thin, flexible stainless steel dome. There is a layer of insulating film between the bottom plate (circuit board copper foil or other metal sheet). Press the membrane switch, and the stainless steel dome will deform downwards. , And conduct electricity in contact with the bottom plate. After the hand leaves, the stainless steel dome bounces back and the circuit is disconnected. Membrane switch pasting steps:

1. Clean the surface to be attached to the membrane switch (the surface to be attached is required to be flat, rust-free, oil-free, and dust-free

2. Compare the size (put the membrane switch to the place where you want to paste and compare whether the size and position are right);

3. Then peel off the centrifugal paper at the bottom of the membrane switch about 10mm from the side

4. Then put the membrane switch in the corresponding position to stick a part, and then slowly tear off the remaining centrifuge paper (when the angle cannot exceed 15 degrees), and then paste it to the corresponding position in turn.

5. If the membrane switch on the reverse side of the centrifugal paper is torn off during the pasting process, it needs to be placed first, and it should be placed on the reverse side to prevent it from sticking to other objects and affecting the pasting;

6. Matters needing attention: Pasting cannot be repeated, it needs to be done at one time; the tearing angle cannot exceed 15 degrees; when trying to touch the hand, be sure to lay it flat on the table and press it, not hold it in the hand and press it in the air, otherwise it will Affect the service life of the membrane switch.

Post time: Jul-13-2021